AMD Infotech is a leading software distribution and localization firm of developers' software products for the India and Asian market. Founded in 2008, AMD Infotech is head quartered in Bangalore, India, and prides itself in being a brand name in the International software industry. Distributing only the most innovative products to software developers, AMD Infotech has re-published and localized award-winning software, which include Intel C++/Fortran Compiler and VTune Analyzer, PKWARE PKZIP and SecureZIP, Jungo WinDriver, activePDF, SpreadsheetGear, Source Insight and many other extraordinary software products for the Asian market. 
Focusing on distributing Development Tools and Utilities, AMD Infotech has established many strong relationships within the computing industry for over a decade. AMD Infotech is well trusted in introducing groundbreaking products to the India market; hence their clients include industry-leading pioneers such as Infosys, Alcatel-Lucent, HCL  etc.,. AMD Infotech has achieved success in presenting the latest American software trends to the Indian market . With a strong Localization/Service team  and dedicated Sales and Marketing teams in Bangalore the IT Hub of Asia, AMD Infotech continues to grow as a key player in the international software industry.